Each step of our unique strategic effort embraces the following elements to provide a high level of care and assurance for your brand.

Shared Value

We create shared value between your brand and the community in which you operate. We thoroughly measure your brands value to create and implement growth strategies.

Long Term Partners

We aren’t into surface discussion or short flings. Our relationships are built over the long term so we have the space and time to build real conversations and results.


We practice gentle ‘insultancy’ to challenge you, ourselves and offer useful truths. It’s about being authentic in everything we do because why wouldn't we be?

Our Process

Step 1 Scoping Session

Why? Because every great relationship starts with a memorable first date.


Step 2 Brand, Target, Market profiling process

Why? Because we will never provide you with shallow advice and the way we do this is by thoroughly profiling your brand, your target customer, and your market, to ensure we have a very clear picture of what is, and therefore what can be.

This profile informs all outcomes that follow and is refocused annually.

How? The profiling process begins with an interview style meeting between the business leaders and Companion Collective, in which you are guided through our focused questioning. We actively listen and take notes while the discussion evolves, facilitating critical discussion as needed.

The process can take as little as 1 hour, up to 4 hours respective of the size of your brand and how well you understand your target and market. We then take this insight and follow it up with thorough measurement and research to establish the real value of your brand.

We challenge all assumptions and preconceived ideas to deliver an accurate profile of your brand, target and market; clearly summarising actionable outcomes that we can implement in partnership to ensure that you capitalise on your brands value.


Step 3 Outsource

Why? Because you value an accountability partner.

Or Insource

Why? Because you need someone on the ground.